The Body

The Body by Shelley Jackson is more of a sketch than painting, and according to Manovich’s definition of a multimedia object, it does fit the description. When Manovich mentions the organization and narrative of media objects he points out that an object doesn’t necessarily have to follow in line with what others believe to be a multimedia object. In the painting by Shelley Jackson it displays certain placements of the human body, but the way it’s drawn out is unique in a way where it presents different layers of content. In other words, when one breaks down the painting, its apparent that the woman’s body is orderly.

According to Rhizome, through discourse women should understand thy self in that people also respect and recognize women and their experiences through history. Through analyzing the painting, you are able to navigate and interact with the painting. You are able to click on labeled body parts and behind every click you discover a new meaning to the piece as a whole. The painting used powerful words by using a non-linear approach by providing poetic summaries per body part. Comparing a womans body to man, it seems that Shelly’s attitude towards the way woman are viewed are passionate and worthy of praise.




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